Mr Kevin Phelps with some of the school children

Welcome to our school website and thank you for taking the time to find out what our school is all about.

Templeton Community Primary School is situated in the small village of Templeton in Pembrokeshire, between Narberth and Kilgetty. It serves a small rural catchment area, which includes Templeton and Cold Blow. The school is located at the top of the village, enjoys an extremely positive, friendly and welcoming ethos and provides quality education for everyone.

Estyn Comments

‘The headteacher’s commitment to keeping teaching and learning as the focus for all of the federation’s work and his desire to develop the skills of his staff is a strength’

There are 130 pupils aged four to eleven years in the school. The pupils are organised into five classes: Oak Class (Nursery and Reception), Sycamore Class (Year 1 and 2), Chestnut Class (Year 2 and 3), Willow Class (Year 4 and 5) and Rowan Class (Year 5 and 6).

We are blessed to have such a wonderful school situated in the heart of Pembrokeshire and one which enjoys amazing support from parents, friends, grandparents and the whole of the local community.

Our school enjoys great success and is categorized at the highest level as a GREEN school by the Welsh Government school categorization model.

Our pupils are our greatest pride! We make every effort to teach children to be polite, friendly and helpful. We encourage children to be fit, strong and healthy with an enthusiasm for sport, music, the outdoors and for achieving their potential whatever that may be. We take great pride in providing exciting and varied learning experiences which ensures that all children fully embrace school life.

Ensuring our children are safe, happy and healthy is our priority. We have been recognised as providing the highest level of pupil wellbeing and the school demonstrates outstanding and innovative practice in safeguarding and pupil voice. It is considered sector leading in these areas and that other schools should learn from our processes and procedures

Outdoor learning is very important to our ethos.  We regularly take groups of children to nearby woodlands to take part in amazing outdoor learning experiences. Our school grounds are used to promote our outdoor and an active learning philosophy.

I am sure you will enjoy looking at our website and finding out all about Templeton School. 

It is a school of which I am very proud and privileged to be involved with!

Estyn Comments

‘parents have great confidence in the leadership and appreciate the improvement in provision and standards’

Templeton school is a green school

Estyn Comments

‘Pupils’ ability to apply their highly developed speaking, writing, numeracy, information and communication technology (ICT) skills and their emerging Welsh skills, across the curriculum, is EXCELLENT’

‘The pupils’ voice plays an important role in the life of the school.  Representatives speak confidently about their role and give informed reasons for decisions they have made, which affect school life’

‘parents have great confidence in the leadership and appreciate the improvement in provision and standards’

Sector Leading Health Promoting School National Quality Award Sector Leading and Outstanding Practice as an Outdoor School Platinum Eco-Schools Award - Welsh Eco-School of the Year Quality Standard Award

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