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Templeton Primary School

Hello my name is Mr Oliver Davies, the Year 5 and 6 class teacher in Rowan class. The children in Rowan take part in a wide a range of rich learning tasks provided through cross curricular themes. We work to consolidate skills in Literacy and Numeracy at the same time as welcoming and developing questioning, engagement and skill development in subjects such as science, history, geography and the arts.

The children are especially encouraged to use Welsh at every opportunity and our Criw Cymraeg are positive role models for the whole school.

Templeton Primary School

As well as using the field, Conservation Area and playground to support learning in all areas of study we have a really fantastic resource in our 'School in the Woods' which is within walking distance. As well as lessons designed to use the facilities, children have the chance to experience nature and the environment in general.

There are educational visits such as to local museums, facilities like the National Park and local businesses to support our learning. In addition, every second year, the class enjoys a residential educational visit to the Urdd Centre in Cardiff, during which they visit a number of attractions with the capital to enhance the pupils' understanding of Welsh culture and the Welsh language. At the beginning of the school year, the pupils in Year Six undertake a residential stay at a local adventure centre. During the stay, children increase their confidence and communication and problem-solving skills by participating in outdoor and adventurous activities.

In the classroom, we aim to have well-paced lessons with children having periods of quiet focussed activity after lively and interesting introductions. We aim to give the children enough structure and support so that they feel confident whatever their ability but that they always have the freedom to challenge themselves to produce at the highest level to which they are capable. We celebrate good questioning skills and explanations and children are encouraged to make links between areas of learning and with their life outside school.

Within a caring atmosphere, students in Rowan class are really encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and to practice being independent, organising their homework, PE kit and explaining for themselves, in preparation for secondary school. The Class Council have asked that their homework is more project based so that they can challenge themselves fully and follow their own lines of enquiry.

We believe that by giving the children responsibility for controlling their own learning and organisation they are able to flourish in becoming lifelong, independent earners able to analyse and enhance their own approaches to enjoying learning, skills which will serve them throughout their lives.

Sector Leading Health Promoting School National Quality Award Sector Leading and Outstanding Practice as an Outdoor School Platinum Eco-Schools Award - Welsh Eco-School of the Year Quality Standard Award

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